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I went to my all-time highest possible weight in 2018. I signed up with Weight Watchers

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as well as got to my objective weight after dropping about 40 pounds but it was tough for me to eat all foods in small amounts as well as keep the weight off. I gained back about 20 extra pounds and also yo-yo dieting. In 2019 I adopted a WFPB– which represents a whole foods plant-based diet. I was doing excellent– slimmed down as well as was really feeling remarkable till my body ended up being hypothyroid. Even though I didn’t alter anything about my plant-based diet or my workout I began gaining weight once again. I heard about Chef AJ’s Ultimate Weight Loss diet program and also I asked her if she believed I could drop weight even though I was experiencing hypothyroidism. She told me she was likewise hypothyroid as well as she still took care of to reduce weight following her Ultimate Weight Loss procedures! That was all the motivation I needed. I joined her UWL program in 2019, did what she stated to do as well as shed my weight. I have maintained my weight loss as well as can’t believe I can eat all these fantastic plant-based foods, really feel complete, never ever have to go starving as well as yet I have a slim body and also no cravings for unhealthy food! It’s the very best point I ever before did for my body and my mind. Consuming this way produces a calm as well as stable brain chemistry that makes it much easier to consume healthily and really feels terrific. I no more stress over my weight or what to eat or what not to eat! I have assurance as well as a healthy body. This is not a quick weight loss program but it is a lasting way of life strategy. If you have actually had a problem with your weight and or your wellness after that this book is a must-read!

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I took care of to speak with the chef and also be the first to understand the secrets to ultimate weight loss

ME: What are the most vital takeaways from your brand-new publication?

AJ: That no matter the length of time, or deeply, you have actually struggled with a lifestyle-related illness, excess weight, or food addictions when you get the food right, there is a wish for a complete recovery. When you genuinely understand what to consume, you don’t have to worry about how much you eat. Which health food can taste absolutely delicious.

ME: Understanding the concept of calorie density seems to be the trick to unlocking the secrets to weight loss. Can you give us a brief lesson on calorie thickness?

AJ: Calorie density merely indicates calories per extra pound of food, and foods range in calorie density from regarding 100 calories per extra pound for non-starchy vegetables to 4,000 calories per extra pound for oil. So there is a 40-fold difference in the caloric thickness of various foods. A mere tbsp of olive oil has more calories than 2 extra pounds of zucchini! Understanding calorie thickness is not about counting calories, or remembering the number of calories is in a cup of rice or half a mug of blueberries. When you alter the ordinary calorie density of the food you eat every day, you can literally consume two times as much food in regards to quantity, yet absorb half as several calories. So you never have to really feel starving or denied or matter calories, carbs, or factors. By chance, the healthiest, most nutrient-dense foods on the planet, the whole plant foods (fruits, veggies, entire grains, as well as beans) and are also one of the most calorically weaken. By recognizing as well as carrying out calorie thickness, you actually can consume more as well as evaluate less.

ME: Any kind of tips for getting going on a chef aj weight loss trip?

AJ: It is essential to disinfect your environment if you intend to achieve success with any type of dietary or lifestyle adjustment. As I often claim in my Ultimate Weight Loss program: “If it’s in your residence, it’s in your mouth.” It’s not a question of if you will certainly eat it, just when. Self-control is just required if you need to decide, and you never need to make a decision to not eat something that isn’t there in the first place. When some individuals get rid of all the undesirable, harmful, set off foods from their setting their cupboards are entirely bare. It’s necessary to shop for healthy food and learn some easy batch cooking strategies because it’s easy to make the best selection when only healthy and balanced food is available.

ME: In the book, you suggest keeping a food journal. Why do you think it’s essential to do so?

AJ: Because what is taped gets valued, as well as you are much less most likely to eat that Cinnabon if you have to compose it down. Maintaining a food journal helps keep you responsible, specifically if you have someone that will certainly be checking out it. Study shows that people who jot down what they eat shed even more weight than individuals who do not log their food. Old fashioned pen to paper is best.

ME: I’m consumed with your suggestion of “Vegetables for Breakfast” (VFB). Can you clarify the routine of VFB and also why it’s so crucial for lasting weight loss?

AJ: Basically all nations with the exemption of the USA eat vegetables as part of a healthy and balanced breakfast. Whether it’s the vegetable miso soup in Japan, the kimchi in Korea, or the pickled vegetables in China, the majority of nations eat a mouthwatering breakfast. It’s virtually just the United States that takes into consideration sugar, flour, and caffeine breakfast. If you intend to lose weight, ensure that at the very least half your plate at every dish, yes also breakfast, is veggies. That will weaken the total calorie thickness of every meal. Furthermore, vegetables, especially the dark eco-friendly leafy ones have substances called thylakoids, which have actually been confirmed to shut off the appetite switch as well as battle cravings for unhealthy processed food, particularly sugar. So whether you intend to reduce weight, recoup from food addiction, or simply obtain much healthier, the very best point you can do is to start your day in a tasty method with veggies. Yet you need to eat them entire, not juiced or blended.

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ME: What are your favorite means to consume “Vegetables for Breakfast” vegetables for breakfast weight loss?

AJ: My favorite method of vegetarian breakfast recipes for weight loss, take in any kind of vegetables, besides a tasty sliced salad, is roasted. Whether performed in a traditional stove or an air fryer, roasting draws out the all-natural sweetness in vegetables and also caramelizes them to make sure that also people that are vegetable negative will certainly enjoy them. When you make my dish for Oven Roasted Balsamic Dijon Glazed Brussels Sprouts, you would promise you’re consuming sweet!

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Chef aj ultimate weight loss reviews


Sabina 33

I tried this diet and I really liked


Anna 27

Thank you for this information will be starting Chef AJ‘s plan today. As a food addict I think her plan is worth trying.


Diana 44

I bought guide as a result of your review. I have a question about the UWL FB Team. I believe the UWL Program is 3 weeks long. Do you get to stay in the FB group forever though?



Jess 50

I like this diet, I also tried forks over knives weight loss, and I was surprised to learn how many pounds of food does a person eat in a day



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